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[July 5, 12:41 am]

So my mom is a Mary Kay consultant. And I will be soon.
So I was wondering: how many of you girls use Mary Kay products?
If you don't, what do you use and why? And also if you don't,
have you ever tried Mary Kay products and what do you think of them?

Thanks! xo
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[June 19, 10:32 pm]
[ mood | okay ]

hello, i'm kati. i joined awhile ago but never introduced myself so i figured maybe i should! i'm seventeen and i just ended my junior year of highschool (tomorrow is my first official day of summer, yay!) i live in northern virginia, about 40 minutes from washington d.c. & despite this, i never have anything to do. i'm in love with a boy who is spending the week in california to visit his mom and i miss him so much.

this is pretty much me.
actually its not, just a very brief look into the crazy life of me!

i hope everyone is having a good day!

a couple more pictures to put a face to a nameCollapse )
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welcome! [June 3, 11:54 am]

all posts must be friends only,
or they will be deleted!

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